Social Stewards are there for You During the COVID-19 Crisis!

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Friday March 27 2020

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As you know, these are unique circumstances!

We hear a lot about the amazing work being done by CUPW members to ensure that the postal service continues.

However, this unprecedented crisis is affecting our social life, as well as our physical, psychological and even economic well-being.

CUPW members are frontline workers, and as such, we have a responsibility to take care of each other at work and at home.

The current coronavirus crisis is a major source of stress and anxiety for many people, including postal workers.


Some ways to improve the situation

Stress, anxiety and depression are normal reactions in the context of a pandemic. Most people have the resources and coping skills to deal with this type of situation.

Rely first on your usual ways of coping with difficult situations. However, here are some other ways to help you minimize the impact of these reactions in your daily life.


Get informed 

  • A lack of information or conflicting information can increase these reactions. 
  • Seek out reliable sources of information from federal and provincial public health agencies. 
  • Beware of sensational news from little-known or dubious sources; take the time to check the information with recognized official sources and quality professional media. 
  • While it is important to be properly informed, limit the amount of time you spend looking for information about COVID-19 and its consequences, as overexposure can increase your stress, anxiety or symptoms of depression.


Take care of yourself

Remember the winning strategies you have used in the past to get through a difficult time.

Rely on your personal strengths.

Remain attentive to your feelings, emotions and reactions, and give yourself permission to express them to someone you trust.

Keep in touch with the people who make you feel good.

If you are experiencing signs of stress, anxiety or depression, social stewards can help you. These co-workers are there to listen to you and refer you to available resources you may need.

If you do not know who your social steward is, ask the CUPW representatives on your Local Joint Health and Safety Committee (LJHSC), your shop steward, your local, or your regional office. They will help you find a social steward.

For daily updates, visit the CUPW website at

Stay strong!


In Solidarity,

Yves Hénault
National Union Representative, Education (French)