New CPC Report Confirms Injury Crisis at CPC: Action Necessary

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Friday October 19 2018
No. 49

This week’s release of CPC’s 2017 Social Responsibility Report confirms that there is a health and safety emergency at Canada Post! The report reveals that the most serious injuries (full-day lost time injuries) increased 36% last year. In fact the 2017 lost time injury rate was 46% greater than 2015. In the report the Corporation states “We are not happy with the results. Clearly more work must be done”.


Injury Facts at Canada Post

  • During the last four years there have been 30,774 injuries to CUPW members. Of these 14,751 were disabling injuries.
  • One out of every 12 workers at Canada Post experienced a disabling injury in 2017.
  • The disabling injury rate at CPC is 5.4 times greater than the rest of the Federal sector.
  • 25% of letter carriers experienced an injury in 2017.
  • One out of every eight letter carriers experienced a disabling injury in 2017.
  • The increase in injuries is directly related to the introduction of Postal Transformation.
  • During the past three years the number of disabling injuries for RSMCs has increased 30%.


CUPW Demands Real Solutions

CUPW has several important demands aimed at reducing the number of injuries at Canada Post.

  • Allow a single tie-out (end multiple bundle delivery)
  • Reduce overburdening
  • Update parcel volumes and adjust routes more frequently
  • Correct the formula for percentage of coverage and mail volume index
  • Limit compulsory overtime
  • Improve Group 1 staffing to permit more rotation of duties


Canada Post Offers Nothing

For many years the only thing CPC management did to reduce injuries was to submit false reports to Labour Canada. Now the new management admits there is a problem but says No to all of our proposals to address the crisis.


Be Prepared to Fight For Your Future

Negotiations are the only time that we have the opportunity to make management address our health and safety issues. We have had years of lies and inaction. Now management tells us they are not “happy” with the results but they still do nothing.

It is time for action.

It is time that CPC comes to the bargaining table and negotiates solutions.


Support your Union. Fight for your future!



In Solidarity,

Nancy Beauchamp
Chief Negotiator, RSMC bargaining unit
Sylvain Lapointe
Chief Negotiator, Urban Unit