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Image group: Bicycle courier, truck driver, call centre worker, warehouse workers

About Our Union

Over 51,000 workers in Canada belong to CUPW. They work from coast to coast to coast in the postal, delivery, logistics, transportation and communication sectors.


CUPW is focused on bringing workers together in these key sectors to improve their lives.

Our members are part of a delivery chain that ensures letters, goods and products get to where they’re needed. CUPW members work in printing companies, health care and on the road. They work as mechanics, cleaners, couriers, customs workers and emergency care dispatchers.


CUPW knows the work. CUPW can help you build strength at work.

Traditionally, CUPW has represented postal counter staff, letter carriers, mail-handlers, maintenance workers and drivers. However, our union has also been expanding into other workplaces in the struggle for better working conditions for all.


CUPW is big enough to have power and small enough to remain connected to its members.

When you are a member of CUPW, we’ll work with you to achieve better wages and working conditions. You will have access to knowledgeable union representatives who will help you negotiate and enforce your contract.


Our union is committed to fighting for workers’ rights.

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